Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

Don’t you dare say it’s not your problem!

Don’t deny, deflect, debate, dilly dally, deaden, defer, or delay.

Don’t leave it for the kids, the step kids, the grand-kids.

Don’t wait for next year, your family, your siblings, your neighbours, your boss or — god help us — your government.

Don’t say you’re doing enough. You’re not.

Stop buying crap.

Stop eating crap.

Stop selling and making crap.

Stop talking crap.

Stop being part of the problem.

Lift your gaze.

Lift your game.

Lift your hopes, your ambitions, and your expectations.

Lift yourself out of your daily grind.

Lift yourself out of your one self-absorbed life.

Stop playing chicken with this burning planet.

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